The food

Jean Imbert’s eye-catching yet innovative dishes are a feast for the eyes. One of the chef’s most iconic dishes is the fresh fruit salad carpaccio he created on Top Chef.

The culinary masterpiece, described as “devilishly good” by chef pâtissier Christophe Michalak, was the first of many.

The chef pays close attention to every dish in the kitchen and checks each stage that goes into making them: prepping, cooking, seasoning, dressing, nothing slips through the net.

Our menus are unique and constantly changes with the seasons and the chef’s ideas. Ingredients come from organic farms, sustainable fishing and top local producers.

Lunch menu

Starter +Main Course
or Main Course + Dessert 25€
Starter + Main Course + Dessert 30€
Tasting Menu :
2 Starters + 1 Main Course + 2 Desserts 46€

Dinner menu - 78 €

- Vegetables -
Joël Thiébault and Prince de Bretagne

- Fish and seafood -
Walter Dubois, Les frères du Cap, Erquy

- Meat –
Hugo Desnoyer

- Citrus fruit -
Michel Bachès

- Butter -

- Other fruit, vegetables, herbs –
Chef’s kitchen garden