Jean Imbert

Jean Imbert got a taste for cooking at an early age and made it a way to express himself.

After years of concocting dishes for friends and family whilst on holiday in Sables-D’or-les-Pins in Brittany, the young man enrolled at the famous Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon after passing his baccalaureate exams. He had several placements working with top chefs during his course such as Michel Rostang in Paris and Antoine Westermann (Le Buerehiesel restaurant) in Strasbourg. Five years after beginning his culinary journey, Jean Imbert left the large teams behind to open his own restaurant, l’Acajou (Paris 16).

He became a chef-owner at the tender age of 22. He won Top Chef, a cooking programme on M6, in 2012 and grabbed the public’s attention. Popular for his cheery nature and creativity, he is now one of France’s favourite chefs and guests love joining him to try his bold local dishes.